Showcasing New Magic Land

Be in touch if you would like any artwork done, the following represent what I do.

Visit the Gallery for more art , I will continue to add pieces as they are completed.

About Me

Where i'm coming from


I have always enjoyed looking at art, which over the years covers a very wide spectrum. I know that what we take in is assimilated in some capacity , and that's how my art is  a reflection of my experience and influences. I have for years tried to get my art out for more people to see,(street art included) and having this site hopefully will allow me to share my vision and expression. 

what i do


I love to draw, paint and engage in printmaking. I have an interest in doing portraits of people, painting surreal and abstract scenarios, poster style design art, and painting shoes and fabric. I'm basically up to painting anything. My art is often in the eye candy range, but I do have a passion for more muted tones and black and white. 

who i am

Armageddon Time

The best way I can describe myself  is that I am a displaced person. Trying to fit in has long been replaced by owning the moment and treating others with kindness.